Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What I Need to Put Words to Page....

  • Unlike Maggie, I need background noise. The silence is deafening so I usually queue up my Yahoo Music and let the smooth R&B roll or some easy-listening play to fill the silence;
  • I need to be very well rested so most of my writing takes place in the wee hours of the night. Since my sleep cycle is screwy and I sleep during the day after taking my kid to school, the midnight hours are when I'm most productive;
  • Coffee. Hmmm, maybe that's why my sleep cycle is off! Probably not, since I only have one cup and that single cup, with its generous amounts of sugar and cream, usually puts me to sleep soonafter;
  • Pictures of my hero, heroine, and their respective homes. As I'm interviewing my characters and getting to know them I search mags and the Web looking for pics that I post on my bulletin board for constant reference; and
  • My scene outlines. They keep my on track and assist me in the editing process. For the most part!


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