Monday, March 31, 2008

They're coming to take me away, ha ha!

JL Wilson may be a nomad when it comes to writing, but I'm a nut. Seriously. I started thinking about the things I need to write and I'm worried that the powers-that-be are going to come after me with a straight jacket.

For instance, one thing I need is for my hair not to touch my eyebrows. Don't laugh. I get claustrophobia and I feel very closed in when my eyebrows can't breathe. (Does this mean that aliens are out there beaming the story into my brain?)

I also need warm feet. If my feet are cold, chances are my hands are too and that's no good. I like fleece socks even when its steamy outside and I have have some pretty cool typing gloves too.

I need the cone of silence as well. Those little alert messages that pop up and tell me I've got a new email or I was supposed to be here or there at a certain time are creativity killers. I have to turn everything off but word processing to stay focused. I also prefer to listen to instrumental music or blessed silence, otherwise I'm singing and not writing.

Food. I need food when I write. Only the best food groups for me. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. When I finish writing I have to exercise, exercise, exercise.

Random items I need: the bird feeder outside my window. The wind chimes on my ceiling fan. A collage of items depicting people and places in my work-in-progress. A phoneless office. Oh, and I almost forgot. I need sunshine streaming in the window. Must have that.

One last thing. All the stacks of papers and notes to self around my monitor? I turn them upside down so there's no text to distract me.

Nothing like a little insanity to make you feel sane.

Write on!

Maggie Toussaint
No Second Chance and Seeing Red -- out now

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