Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the road again ....

What do I need when I travel?

Unfortunately, most of my travel involves flying, which I detest, so I do what I can to minimize my dislike.

Like Maggie, comfortable shoes are right up there at the top of the list, as is my bottle of water, my ebook reader, and earplugs.

But for me, it's Dramamine. I don't need it for motion sickness but for its ability to help me doze for at least 2 hours. I take one when we take off. An hour hours later, I look around and I'm either at my destination, or halfway there. If it's a long flight, I take one when they call the flight and one once we're in the air. That ensures at least a two-hour doze. It's not a deep sleep, but enough to refresh me.

Traveling by car? Nothing in particular -- traveling by car is a breeze compared to the airport. All I need is a good state map (for wherever I'm going), a bottle of water, and some CDs or books on CD and I'm good to go.

Have a good week, Mavens. I'm off to RT.

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Kim Smith said...

best wishes for a safe trip... come back and wow us with the details of your trip !