Monday, April 14, 2008

If the shoe fits

I was the envy of all my friends, once upon a time, because I was the best packer there ever was. Should I mention that I was ten at the time and couldn't have cared less about what went with what?

I'm somewhat (cough, cough) older now but I'm still the same no-nonsense girl at heart. Take only what you absolutely must have and extra underwear. That's my creed for everything

Sigh. Shoes are a weakness. On a recent weekend trip I had four pairs of shoes, and I wore them all. (I don't think I owned four pairs of shoes back in my packing heyday.)

You'd think a shoe person would have great looking shoes, fancy pumps with spiky heels, but my shoes are selected based on creature comfort.

I don't want feet that hurt. I want happy feet! So it's important to have the right fit. Most times I make the effort to match brown shoes with brown clothes, but somedays I just want to wear my red Crocks or my cushy Rocket Dogs. You'd think I'd also need purses to match the shoes but I have purse insensitivity. I use the same multi-colored purse for everything, until I have to replace it with another multi-colored purse.

Shoes rock!

Maggie Toussaint

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