Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snow? Here's help...

JL, don't say I didn't help you with your shoveling duties.
This sweet angel is ready, willing and able to help out.
I guess you don't want to hear that the daffodills have finished, or that the native Iris has bloomed. The azelias are in full bloom, and the fig leaves are popping out here in Louisiana.
I do feel for you, as last week I was driving through the Snoqualmie Falls area in Washington State. Everything was that blue color that lets you know if your car breaks down, you're going to get colder than you ever been before.
It will be spring soon for you, but more like summer for us. LOL!

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J L said...

You're too kind, Donna, really.


It's 40 degrees today and Large Melting is occuring. Now if my house construction will wrap up, my life might return to some semblence of normal.