Monday, March 10, 2008

A dash of ketchup for Maggie

Ketchup week at Mavens, LOL, I nearly missed it. Days and weeks are flying by at warp speed. I can almost see the days tearing off the calendar as I sit here and write this blog post. This isn't the life I envisioned for a published author, but you know what? Its even better than I imagined.

I rarely have days where nothing happens. I have my writing schedule which I keep except for when life intervenes or I get overwhelmed with promo. I've met so many people through the Internet, and many of them have had such similar life experiences that we hit it off instantly. The whole writers life being a solitary one seems to be a myth, in my opinion.

I'm writing a mystery right now and I'm thrilled to be back murdering people instead of writing intimate scenes. This spring is hectic, with two romances out in February, and a mystery coming up in June. I've got conferences lined up and a few signings, but I'm not going to worry so much about marketing this book.

I still feel like I'm in this for the long haul. I'd like to have another book out in 2009, but it is quite possible that I won't have another release until 2010. I haven't decided if I will limit my writing to one genre. Right now I'm keeping my options open.

Happy writing!
Magggie Toussaint

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