Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can't do it

I have tried to lose weight, and I can't. All this weight loss thingummy is new to me. Before I gave birth I was tiny and I could eat anything, but the pregnancies did something to my metabolism and now I have to watch what I eat.
Healthy but also slimming. I did so much want to lose a few pounds for Romantic Times, but it's been an abject failure.
Still, I know I'm healthy. Recently all my checkups came at once - the Unspeakable, the Boobie Squish and the Day Away.
The Unspeakable went as it does, and came through clear. The boobie squish (otherwise known as a mammogram) was uncomfortable but fine and the Day Away is my annual checkup at the arthritis clinic. I get to take one less pill a day! So I must be doing something right, although my mobility isn't what it once was. I can still walk, still type and my mouth is as fast as it ever was.
Recipes - hmmm. I get asked for favourite recipes for cookery books and the like.
Open freezer, see what there is, turn box over to check for calorific content, open microwave and zap.
Or maybe my hot toddy recipe. This one really works for when you have a sore throat or a cold. A generous slug of whisky (yes, whisky, not whiskey) (this numbs the throat), a spoonful of honey (yummy and good for you), the juice of half a lemon (all that vitamin C) and water (you need to keep hydrated if you're ill). Sip.

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