Saturday, December 15, 2007

1891 in Vanderbilt, California

This was hard to answer. Two hundred years brings us back to 1807...what possible event would I want to witness since that period of time. My TimeLine Dictionary is hidden somewhere in my office. So, off to the internet. All I can say is WOW! Check out this site...

And I think that the California Gold Rush would be exciting. My mother and I visited a true 'ghost' town when I was a teenager. She must have been out of her mind. We were in California, somewhere in the desert called Vanderbilt. How strange after all these years I can remember the name. During a search, this came up...

When I say that the road was dirt, no one knew we were going, it was miles and miles from civilization, and there weren't cell phones at that time.

Buildings were still standing when we were there. An old tin bucket lying on the ground. When they say 'ghost' town, it's a correct description. Just the bones were soul.

Imagine all the people who came there hoping for wealth or riches.

Within five years, it was born, lived and died.

It makes me wonder if anyone really found what they were looking for...

I know that my ancestors traveled to the West in a wagon train. Family history states that one of them was the first white child born in a town in Oregon.
Settling the West opened a lot of opportunities for thousands of people, my ancestors included.

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Thanks for the new bookmark about the timeline -- I have that in paper, but having it online is great!