Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Travels, or time travel?

The hero and heroine of my latest book, James (Jim) and Penelope, are time travelers. They travel for the History Patrol to various spots in time, checking on tourists and recording historical events. Their favorite time period was 1910. They went to England for a two week trip.

Jim, of course, is a shapeshifter and had to stay in animal form while they were there. Penelope attended a house party at a lord's castle, and Jim went with her as her hunting dog. They had a great time with the hoi poloi of the day... Penelope especially loved the fashions of the time, although she didn't appreciate it when a gentleman tried to 'visit' her at night. Apparently a lot of bed-swapping goes on at those weekend getaways. Luckily her visitor was, really, a gentleman and she didn't have to make a fuss.

Another favorite trip was the time they went to San Francisco during the Gold Rush Days. Penelope was a dance hall girl and Jim watched over her in hawk form. They almost got into trouble when Buffalo Bill Cody got drunk and ...

But that's another story.

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