Monday, November 26, 2007

Christ is fading from Christmas

This week's blog topic is what I dislike about the holidays. I was going for the usual answers (large crowds, long shopping lines, products unavailable - all genuine peeves of mine) but I came across something else in today's email that I wanted to address in this post.

Some church friends of mine have noticed a distinct lack of Christian symbols at Christmastime in most stores. They noticed a stated lack thereof last year and this year was no different. Apparently most Christmas decorations currently for sale are now politically correct (snowmen, penguins, snowflakes, holly) - crosses and nativities are a rarity.

I haven't been looking for those items as I already own enough ornaments for three Christmas trees and I have two wonderful nativity sets. But I collect angels year round. I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find inexpensive angels.

It seems to me that the commercialization of Christmas, a Christian holiday, has gone too far if the traditional Christian symbols aren't available. Pretty soon they'll be putting snowmen and penguins in the manger.

Maggie Toussaint

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Jennifer Shirk said...

You know, it's really true. It IS hard to find nice light-up angels or (heaven forbid) crosses for your yard.
It make have somethng to do with the name "Winter Solstice" instead of "Christmas" taking predominance lately. :(