Monday, September 17, 2007

Tailored Promotional Ideas for Books.

This being a topic-less week, I thought I'd write a bit about the trials and tribulations of being published. I'm winding down from a fairly active (for me, anyway) promotional run for my first novel. Three other books are nearing the galley stage, so I need to switch mental gears to think about promotion ideas for the other books.

Over the weekend, I signed at a Barnes and Noble in Jacksonville, and I noticed another author had small pencils with her website on them. The pencils were the same shade of blue as her book cover, and they came sharpened and with an eraser. Minor details, but important for me to remember as I seek ideas for my golf mystery, which will be marketed by my publisher to libraries and by me to ladies golf leagues. When I golfed regularly, we always loved the pencils with erasers and there never seemed to be enough of them.

I've started promo for the horse rescue book - a book trailer is in the works. And I'll be printing up more bookmarks - 5000 for this title. (I had to order that many for House of lies, but in 2 shipments. For No Second Chance, I'm going to save money and order the larger amoung from the get go. I need to see about hosting the Wild Rose Press loop for my release week - once i know when that is.

My bed and breakfast book still needs promotional ideas. I've got an interview at a website in the offing for this book and online chats. I'm thinking I might use breakfast recipes on 3x5 cards. We had one at my church for a breakfast casserole that tasted different when cooked by a different cook. Maybe there are more of these. I've been dieting so long that I haven't actually thought about cooking in awhile.

Hmmm. Food. Breakfast food. (((mouth waters)))

Enough about food. The downside of lots of promotion is finding time to keep writing. That's what I need to tackle right now.

Keep on writing!

Maggie Toussaint
Seeing Red coming soon to Freya's Bower
No Second Chance coming soon to The Wild Rose Press
In For A Penny coming June 2008 to Five Star

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