Sunday, September 30, 2007

Creative germs

I'm jumping in early because I'll be gone later this week.

Where do I get my creative ideas?

I get all my ideas from anger.

Seriously. I am often annoyed by irksome co-workers, idiotic drivers on cell phones, and other interactions with my fellow humans.

I fume for a minute or two and then I try hard to allow the emotion to slide off my back. But inevitably I'll be in the swimming pool doing laps or on the treadmill, or driving on a long, boring trip, and I'll start to mull over something I saw, something I heard, or something that bugged me. I'll start to think, "what would it be like if ..."

That's how the idea for my SciFi series started. I thought, "what would it be like if 2/3 of the human beings in the world were dead?" And I was off and running.

Speaking of which ... I will be away from email this week. A problematic blessing at best since I'm waiting for word from three editors about pending manuscripts. Keeping fingers crossed there will be good news when I return ...

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