Friday, August 24, 2007

Writerly stuff

A day late again. I could have sworn it was Thursday!
Anyway, here I am reporting from intermittently sunny England. We certainly have weather over here, no wonder it's a favourite topic of conversation!
Along with football. In the States it's called soccer, to differentiate it from that terminally confusing game with men in helmets and shiny lycra breeches, but here it's the real thing. Shorts, shirts, designer football boots and David Beckham. Not that he could help the team against Germany this week, but it was only a friendly and in friendlies the players try not to get hurt, because their club managers will hate them.
My team, Manchester United, Beck's old club, isn't doing well so far. Rooney's off again with another fractured metatarsal, and yet the boy is built like the proverbial brick outhouse. Ronaldo is off for the next two games on a red card ban, so Fergie is forced to bring in Tevez and Nani and put Giggs up front to try to add some stability.
No wins yet.
But I'm planning another football book, since the last one, A GRIFFIN'S TREASURE did so well, and even won an EPPIE. Josh has a brother, Laurie. Josh is a striker, lean, mean and fast. Laurie's a midfielder, like Beckham, so he's stronger, punchier, harder. I'm looking forward to doing that one.
I'm currently writing Svetlana's book, the model who works primarily for designer Jasper Lebec, and is fronting his signature perfume. The sexy cat book is out with beta readers and should be with my editor soon.
Then, two more Pure Wildfire books, the bassist and the drummer.
Joy. After the recent publishing problems it is so good to get back to writing. And I've been blessed with my publishers, too.

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J L said...

Great post, Lynne. i didn't understand half of the football terminology, but it sounds like fun (of course, i didn't understand American football until I worked at a football organization, so go figure).

So glad you're happy with your publishers and with the writing. you deserve a break after that chaotic spring.