Saturday, August 25, 2007

I walked 5.75 miles today ....

... and that's our topic for the week.

I went to the State Fair, and wore my pedometer, so I know that I walked that far. Friends and I spent most of the day people-watching, eating food that really isn't very good for us, and talking talking talking. These are people who've known me for years and years but who just found out I was writing when I told them last Christmas that I'd signed some contracts to be published.

I have found that I now live two lives: my writing life (with my writing friends) and my other life, which includes family and friends. I haven't tried to intermix the two.

Have you mixed the two? Have you brought together your 'writing' life and your 'real' life? If so, how did the mix work out? Or have you always had just one life: one in which everyone knows about your writing aspirations and have always supported you.

I'm curious how it works for you all ....

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