Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot Stuff

Why is it that people you don't care about will do anything to win your approval, but people you love, won't?

I learned today that someone who doesn't know me, doesn't care about me, is using work I did for them to advertise their services. I signed a contract in good faith, legally I only have myself to blame. Morally it's a bit more ambiguous.

And yet someone who is a good personal friend won't even borrow an evening gown? Someone I've known and loved for quite a long time, a couple who have a family of amazing children have finally decided to marry. They're planning their dream honeymoon, their dream wedding and nobody deserves it more. Yet I try to lend her a dress, some jewelry, and she insists on a reciprocal favour. Frankly, my happiness comes with theirs. I'm looking forward so much to their wedding.

I'll make her wear it if I have to blackmail her. She looks great in it, better than I ever did, and she is going to have it.

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