Friday, July 20, 2007


In this business?
Last month my main publisher, Triskelion, closed its doors and a week or so ago it filed for bankruptcy. Any goals I had in place then disappeared in a puff of smoke.
So I have to think again. I've been very lucky- I'm discussing my future with two of the best and biggest epublishers in the business, and I'm already with another, Samhain. That has helped a lot. And there has been interest from New York. I'd planned to concentrate on that this year, but New York takes its time and I need to get busy.
Triskelion still holds the rights to a few of my books, or rather, the court does. I still don't understand it all, but I'm doing as I'm told and getting on with the new stuff.
I'm always more interested in the new work than the old, but it is fun to rewrite and re-edit some of the books I've been sending elsewhere. Although these books were successes, I need to make them fit a new house style, and that is proving to be fun and interesting. I think at least one of them is going to be a lot stronger in its new incarnation.
So - onwards and upwards. I think I'm giving up on goals.

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