Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lynne's bit


Her mother cleared her throat again. "Well did you never think some of the clothes in my wardrobe were a little large for me?"

Jolene looked away and picked up a brush from the vanity, before replacing it, but perfectly in line.

Paula laughed. "You mean his cross-dressing? Oh yes, Mom, you were about the last person in this house to know."


Paula gave up on the ice cream. she put it down on her bedside table, and stuck the spoon defiantly in the middle. "Well you were. I was young enough to think it was normal. After all, he was still my Dad, whatever dress he wore. Hell, you made him wear a kilt at weddings."

"He had good legs." Jolene stopped abruptly and gave a short laugh. "Sure he did. He used his razor on more than his face. But I loved him. Like you said, he was himself, whatever he looked like on the outside."

"But what you didn't know was that he had parties when you were both out," another, darker voice said.

In place of Ezra the large, friendly cat, lay a long, dark-haired, virile - man.

Totally nude.

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