Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I try to stick to deadlines. Not that it makes me keep them any better, but I do try to keep to them. I have tried timetabling, but it doesn't really work for me. But as long as I have a deadline, I can more or less stick to it.

I'm currently waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport, to start my journey half way across the globe. Five thousand miles, to be exact. And there are people coming the other way, too, from the Antipodes. All for a writers' conference. Or should that be party? Anyway, I'll meet a lot of the people I've spoken to on the internet for years, and some that I know already.

But if I hadn't worked really hard to try and keep to some kind of deadline, I wouldn't be going, wouldn't be meeting these people, wouldn't have books in print.

It's really important to stick to them as far as possible. Otherwise your life just kind of drifts away.

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