Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is VA!

Today it's 67 degrees outside. Spring will definitely making its presence felt in central Virginia this week. My two favorite seasons are autumn and spring so I'm definitely excited, but I'm kinda bummed too. It's ruining my hope for snow and writing productivity.

With all of the snow storms affecting the midwest and the northeast, we here have always been on the outside edge, getting just freezing rain and sleet. No snow! I want some snow, big time!

But this week weatherman are predicting temps as high as the 80s here. The flower and tree buds are beginning to sprout from the ground and on the branches. With the early daylight saving tiime change, I can sit on my patio and relish in the evening breezes and the sound of kids playing on the playground, enjoyably distracting.

I've set a writing goal of finishing Paxton and Kelis' story, 2 years in the making, by the end of this month, but the sunny days are tempting me away. How can I writing when there is garbage to be dumped, mailboxes to be checked, sidewalks to be swept, or anything else I can be doing to get me outside? (laughing)

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