Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Awards ... let's see, I've got a file folder with a bunch of contest certificates. A couple of plaques sitting around. I'm rather proud of my Molly award -- that's the first contest I entered where I honestly felt the judges GOT what I was writing. Other contests were like validation of competency, not an acknowledgement of my ability to craft good characters (which I think is the hallmark of good writing).

I've gotten a few awards at work, usually in the form of bonuses or days off (love those days off). Gotten some promotions, which always surprise me ('what? You want me to be a Level III writer? Are you sure?')

I think, like Maggie, I have other things I take pride in. I helped a friend get her PRO pin (no small achievement). I have sat by my mother through 4 or 5 surgeries and the subsequent recoveries. I juggle large workloads at work and away. I deal with difficult people on a daily basis.

Do those deserve gold stars? I don't know. No, wait. I do know. Yes, they do deserve gold stars. Because they're tough to do but I do them. Maybe that's the criteria we need to use -- 'even though I'm willing to do it, it's hard but I do it well. Give me that star'.

Makes sense to me.

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