Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A trick I'll always remember

Mother Nature played a trick on me in 1991. We had just moved to Minnesota -- it was the year of Moving Hell, moving 4 times in a year with 3 cats. A long story best told over drinks in a bar.

Anyway, we finally got out of the 2nd apartment in 2 months into our 'permanent home' (little did we know we'd only live there for 6 months but that's another tale). We moved in, started to unpack, bought the Halloween candy and ...

It snowed. And it snowed. And it snowed. And it snowed.

It snowed from Thursday to Saturday. 32" of snow. We didn't have a snow blower. We had me to shovel the driveway (a very long driveway) because hubby was laid up with bronchitis. I went out every hour and shoveled, came in and dried off/warmed up, then went out again.

On Saturday we walked through snow to the grocery store with our backpacks to get food. Six blocks, bitterly cold but beautiful. The plows had come through and plowed enough of a path for emergency vehicles, but otherwise, it was wall to wall snow. Pumpkins covered over by snow, pumpkin leaf bags with snow toppings, Halloween decorations all covered with snow...

It melted in April.

It's a trick I'll never forget....

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Mary Anne Gruen said...

That kind of thing can happen in The Adirondacks as well. You have to wear snow shoes as the winter continues. And it often doesn't disappear completely till the middle of April.

I've given your site The Heartfelt Award over on my blog http://www.StarlightBlog.com

Don't worry if you don't have time to do the whole award thing. This is mostly a tribute to all of you and your blog.