Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Olde Hospital Stay

Hospitals are supposed to be places of quiet...where damaged bodies can heal in quiet serenity. As you close your eyes and slowly drift into dreamland, ah...the sound of the knock on the door.

Maid service...

Yes, you do want a clean environment to rest away your ills. But holy cow, you were almost asleep!

She changes the linens, cleans the bathroom, mops the floor and with her ever-cheerful good mood, finally leaves the room.

You close your eyes again. Ah, sleep is coming again. You're almost there, sleep is beckoning you with a long finger. And then, there it is again...the sound of the knock on the door.

It's a nurse this time. She wants to take your freaking blood pressure that is starting to rise. You're wide awake at this point.
You can't complain, you have a thermometer in your mouth.
Is it any wonder you can't wait to get home in order to get some rest!

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