Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I used to be a smoker. Yep, two packs a day for twenty years. I still miss it. I don't ACTIVELY miss it, but I miss that little sense of 'reward' when I finish a task and I used to sit down with a cigarette and a cup of coffee and just .... relax.

I gained 25 pounds when I quit smoking, partly because I quit smoking and partly because we moved to a new home and I no longer walked on a daily basis. That was 21 years ago, and this year I finally lost that 25 pounds and 15 more pounds that somehow crept onto my butt over the years.

How did I do it? I returned to walking. I do 10,000 steps a day, a little bit at a time. And I eat Asteroids.

Asteroids? Yep. They're in the grocery store. They're a 100-calorie snack pack, and they're Cheetos-cheese puffs. They're in small packages called "Asteroids" and each pack is worth 100 calories.

I LOVE those things. There is nothing like my little 9 a.m. snack (keep in mind: I get to the office at 5 a.m. and eat my breakfast quiche at 5:30, so by 9, I need a good snack reward). At my mid-morning, I have my little package of Asteroids, my V8, and maybe a pickle or two. Yum. That's enough to keep me going until lunch.

Yes, folks, it is the small things that reward us in life. Nothing says 'job well done' (or job endured) quite like my Asteroids.

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