Saturday, September 19, 2009

The end of summer...

Like Maggie, I live in the south, and I'm further south than she is. The end of summer might mean that we get hit by a hurricane, like last year with Gustav. We lost several trees, the yard was a total mess, and the decision to cut down a tree that we figured might be damaged by lightening was easy, it could easily fall on the garage.

Like JL we have squirrels. I love to watch them running from tree top to tree top around the property, but with the big tree cut down by the garage, they can only do semi-circles around the property. So, you'll see one hit the ground, run like the dickens to another tree and up they go to continue around the property.

You start to see mums for sale. Lots of people get them in yellow and purple and plant them in their yards, along with LSU signs. Yellow and purple are the colors of choice for the team and the fans lap it up.

It might be that school is finally in session. Thank heavens. I love the grandkids, but even they get bored with summer. The younger ones don't have cell phones yet, or are allowed much internet access, so they are anxious to get back to school.

High school football starts. The Jamboree with the local parish (county to anyone outside Louisiana) high schools is the mark of Friday Night Football. The two grandsons that play were both injured and are sitting out this year.

But the real indicator is the beginning of hunting season. Dove season started two weeks ago. All the men, even the one who doesn't hunt anymore, disappeared to drink beer, bar-be-cue, drink beer, tell tall tales, and drink beer. The doves were safe, as they had disappeared as well.

Hunting season is the part of the year when the smart wife, such as myself, tells her hubby to 'be safe' and lets them go. It means alone time, or getting with the girls to plan a wedding, which we are doing. The unsmart wives, whine and cry that they are being left alone, oh, boo-hoo, get a grip and get a life. Men need to bond, it's what they like to do. Let them. You don't have to cook, the house stays clean, and you can read a book in peace.

Yes, I like the end of summer. I have a lot of books that need to be read.


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