Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The milestones of travel

I used to worry about trips ahead of time. I played the "What if" game. "What if traffic is bad & we can't get to the airport?" "What if the connecting flight is late?" "What if ..."

You get the idea.

Now I break each trip into milestones.

1. Get packed.
2. Ride to airport.
3. Arrive at airport.
4. Check in
5. Find gate
6. Assess flight possibilities (late? on time?)
7. drink coffee (or alcoholic beverage, depending on the flight)
8. get on plane
9. wheels up; take Dramamine (in order to nap)
10. wheels down
11. at the jetway (I've sat on the tarmac for as long as an hour waiting for a gate, so this is a definite milestone)
12. did bag make it?
13. find ground transport

reverse for flight home

This has made my trips SO much less stressful. I just mentally tick off a milestone as I travel and don't look ahead to the next until I tick off the current one.

Similar milestones are in play for train travel (yes, I do this now & again) and car travel, although those are much shorter lists (as in, "get gas, get on the road").

Stress free travel... what a concept!

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