Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Road Trip from Hell

When we moved from Pennsylvania to MN, we thought we had it all planned out.

Here are the lowlights of that trip:
  • Late start (8:00 PM) after almost losing a cat due to a door left open
  • Disgusting hotel complete with holes in the wall & crying baby upstairs; we slept with our clothes on lest we get cooties. The cats stayed in their cages -- by choice.
  • Blown tire on the U-Haul, necessitating a 2-hour delay at a rest stop with 3 cats in the car; this led to a 12-hour travel day
  • Getting lost on the Dan Ryan in Chicago (see "12-hour travel day")
  • Getting stuck in traffic due to a Cubs game (see "12-hour travel day")
  • Getting lost in Wisconsin while looking for a 'shortcut'
But hey -- we made it! Of course, four weeks later we had to move again because of an apartment fire, but that's another story ....

Ah, travel. Always interesting...

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