Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Of course I'm multi-tasking

Time for catching up (our usual mid-year review):
  • wrote 2 books this year for submission to editor next year, one of which is the Oz book (quite good, if I do say so myself)
  • finished third book in paranormal series, submitted & accpepted
  • sold a third Romantic Suspense book, probably releasing next year
  • proposal submitted for fourth RS book
  • edits done:
  1. for Human Touch (releasing in August)
  2. Temperance (releasing in September)
  3. Living Proof (releasing next year; I'm on the final page proof stage now)
  4. "Hot Rods" (releasing next year)
  5. "Porno" (releasing next year)
  6. "Exwives" (edits in progress, actually) (releasing next year)
Writing things in progress:
  1. Book 3 of the Deadly Landscapers' series (to be submitted next year)
  2. "Ghost Story" (woman haunted by husband, who was murdered; she has to solve the murder)
  3. Book sold on proposal (see above)
  4. CONSIDERING looking for an agent but as always, I ask, "Why?" Until I have a good answer, I'll put it on hold...
Other (this year):
  • lost 33 pounds (2 more to go, but I'll take the 33, thank you!)
  • first grand-nephew born, I get to see him in July
  • oldest niece getting married (in July)
  • 5 airplane-out-of-town trips done, 3 more to go this year
  • 4 more out of town trips (via car) this year (planned). 5 done.
  • promotion at work (WOOT!)
  • two new kittens in the home (snoozing right now near my left shoulder on chair back)
  • garden re-design finished, one flower bed yet to do
Hmm. I think that's it.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings ...

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