Sunday, June 7, 2009

favorite childhood places

We grew up wild and free in the south. As such, we roamed our "stomping grounds" without much shepherding beyond the basics of knowing how to be responsible about fires and knowing how to swim.

We had tree forts where we pretended to be pirates of the high seas. We had a cave-like opening under the exposed roots of a cedar tree where an artesian well bubbled. We sat there in the mud and made the finest pottery out of that clay.

We roasted hot dogs over open fires and pretended we were cowboys on the trail. In my playhouse we had a door cut in half, like a stable door and we pretended to be horses.

And inside the house, we built palaces out of sofa cushions, room-spanning spiderwebs out of sewing thread. We pretended to be superheroes as we jumped from rooftops, even tried the Mary Poppins angle with umbrellas.

The miracle of it all is that we survived!

imagination has no boundaries

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