Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our memories are quite the same!

Easter. It was the one or two times a year that we all got dressed up in our 'finery'. Unlike Maggie, I don't have a picture scanned in to share, but you get the idea....

My mother made all of our clothing when I was growing up. I have two older sisters, and for a long time (until I was 10 or so), Mom made us matching outfits. I remember one Easter when she made us all black and white checked taffeta dresses with black lace around the collars and cuffs. We had to wear starched petticoats underneath. That was the noisiest dress around. We sounded like a wind storm coming down the street.

We had black cloth coats to go with it, and white hats, white gloves, white shoes, and white socks. Oh, and white cloth 'purses'. It was sort of a all-purpose outfit, because we wore it at Christmas, too, only we wore black shoes & white socks, and a black hat.

Of course, I got hand-me-downs growing up, so I wore that *#@ dress for the year I had mine, then for a year or two when Mary handed it down to me, then a year or two when Susie handed it down to me. I was sooooooooo sick of that dress by the time I got to hand it down to my cousin. I think she wore one of them then she pitched a fit and got to 'hand it off' to the missionaries. I imagine some poor children in a poor village somewhere wondering why there were 3 dresses of varying sizes, all identical...with matching petticoats.

One of those mysteries of life, I guess.

Easter ... scratchy lace, noisy dresses, and snow.

Childhood memories.

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