Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bag madness

Bags. I'm fussy about bags. Recently I acquired a new netbook, and it wouldn't fit in my new netbook bag. I bought a custom-designed one in leather. Lovely, but too heavy to carry around everyday. So I got a cheap one for going abroad. Nah. Hated it. Eventually found a Paloma Picasso handbag that worked really well.
Same with all my bags. The only place I know I'll find something delish is Monsoon. Their Accessorize bags are to die for. So is the price, but I have four.

Shoes. Because I have arthritis in my knees, I don't do shoes much. Except that I do. I love them. I have some stilettoes that are to die for. So what if I can only sit in them? They make me happy. And I discovered a new love. New Rocks. Just check them out. I want a pair of the purple web stiletto boots. And they have a leather coat I covet, too.
Jewellery. I'm not a discreet gold chain kind of girl. Just love piling on the jewellery (yes it's jewellery where I come from!). My daughter's even worse, she can wear up to seven necklaces at the same time. And she manages to look gorgeous. Wish I could.
I'm getting ready for Romantic Times right now, so I'm knee deep in clothes, jewellery and suchlike. Have to do the shoes, and I don't have a top to match one of the skirts I want to take. Sigh. Guess that means I'll have to go shopping. Quelle domage.

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