Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly times

Can you tell me who would pay $145 per ticket for a seat that's BEHIND the stage? You won't even be able to see the Jumbotron!

Yep, I called in to the Web of Deceit 15 minutes after the ticket lines opened up for the Bruce show. And all that is left is the seats behind the stage. No way, Jose. Bruce and the band will have to do without us for this show.

Which reminds me of a concert I attended about 8 years ago or so. Eric Clapton was coming to town and I've seen Eric a few times before, but never when he was clean & sober (which tells you how long ago it was that I saw Eric).

I REALLY wanted those tickets. They on sale on a Saturday (we had an advance 'premier' opportunity because I'm a charter member in the EC fan club [yes, I am]), so hubby and I devised a plan:

  • I logged on to the Web of Deceit on two of my home computers
  • He went and stood in line at the grocery store (where they also sold tickets)
  • I got on the landline at the house
  • He got on his work cell phone while standing in line
  • He carried my cell phone so I could call him
Fifteen frantic minutes later we had EXCELLENT seats (purchased at the grocery store, I might add): 4 rows up from the floor, on the aisle, to the left of the stage. I could see Eric sweat from there.

Whooee! Thank you, high technology! I've stood in line overnight (in my youth), I've enlisted line sitters to get me tickets, and I've joined email lists to get tickets, but nothing was more satisfying than that concert. Oddly enough, we saw Eric again a few years later, and the tickets were okay (it was his "Back Home" tour, which didn't fare as well as his "Pilgrim" tour) but not as good as the seats we had for that earlier one.

Just goes to show you ... when in doubt, multi-task.

Sorry, Bruce. I couldn't do it on Monday because I was at work. Maybe next time.

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