Sunday, February 15, 2009

The post-Valentine Day, late winter blues

Well, it's sunny today. Colder than a rat's ass, but sunny. The ground is that mucky green color and the snow is gray, but it's sunny.

Okay, so much for the cheery note. I'm in the late winter slump. I'm sick of my sweaters, it's too early to start seeds, and it's too mucky outside to walk (and too cold). We need a good blizzard to shake things up, but it's February and pretty much past the blizzard time (we can get a blizzard in March, usually during the high school basketball playoffs when everybody is traveling around the state. That happens often. But not February).

So what's your solution for the bored-blues? Do you curl up with a good book? Go out and spend money? Write? I don't mean the "baby done left me, I'm all alone blues" but those "Lordie, I'm bored" blues.

Curious minds ...

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