Thursday, December 18, 2008


My downfall. When the children were little, we were stuffed toy paradise, and now it's electronic gadgets. But it's more me than them. I can't resist a good toy, and I've just bought another one, an ebookwise to replace the one I broke.
I don't read many print books any more, for lots of reasons I prefer ebooks. I read on my Ipaq which has a nice 4 inch screen, sometimes my netbook, sometimes even my phone (read them as saved webpages). But I loved the ebookwise, old technology though it is and I was heartbroken when I broke it.
The children are all about the games consoles and between them, they have an abundance of PS2 and 3's, Xboxes, DS's and PSP's. They get games for Christmas, and they know far more than me about keeping things going.
My DH keeps away from the gadget madness that infects us. He has a PC that still runs on Windows 98, and a laptop provided by his job. He did have an old MP3 player, and his phone is the old Nokia brick. If it ain't broke and it does the job you want it to, why change it is his opinion.
But he hasn't got a rubber ducky that flashes different colours when you put it in the bath.

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