Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Christmas wish

Mine is a totally selfish wish.

I wish someone could predict the weather. I'm in a dilemma today: should we drive to Iowa or not? It's 250 miles, and it's snowing there. How long will it last? Will the roads be okay?

And what about tomorrow -- ice is predicted but will it come? And what about Friday when we're supposed to drive home -- more ice is predicted on one web site but the other shows it clear.

Could someone PLEASE tell me what the weather will do? If this was a regular 'visit Mom' trip, I'd say 'no, I'm not going -- too iffy.' But it's CHRISTMAS, and I'd like to get there.

So there's my wish: a reliable weather forecast for 3 days in advance! Happy holidays, all -- drive safely and have fun!

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