Thursday, December 4, 2008

A month in purgatory

I've just spent the last month editing. I got eight edits in - eight, then a few more, for books out this month and early next year.
Some of them were reissues, one of "Yorkshire" which is coming out at Samhain, and one of "The Chemistry of Evil," which is coming out this month at Loose-Id.
All I can say is that I'd rather be writing from scratch than revising old work. Both books are heavily rewritten, and "Chemistry" has extra heat. "Yorkshire" is smoother, and I've taken some of the unneccessary characters out.
What can I say, but "Yorkshire" was the first book I had published. I loved it, and I still do. For many reasons that book means a huge amount to me. But I hadn't realised how many adverbs I used, or all the pesky speech tags. And the exclamation marks!
I went over both books with a fine toothcomb, and I think they're the better for it. But oh, it's purgatory to go through them!
On the other hand, the edits on "Thunderfire" went very smoothly. I went through the whole book - I always do, not just the bits my editor has pointed out - and it read fine to me.
But what if, in three or four years' time, it gets a reissue? Will I think the same way about it then?

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