Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'll answer my question ....

My personal hot button is ....

responsibility. Or the lack thereof. Nothing makes me grind my teeth like someone who says, "It wasn't my fault because of {insert reason}" when I know that's not a good reason. Like "It's not my fault my house went into foreclosure. The bank said we could afford it." Phooey. If you're only making $40K a year (combined salary) and you buy a $300K house, you know you can't afford it (yes, I know someone who did this).

"We thought we could ride out the storm." Nope. It's a hurricane. You live on an island. Your possessions will be wiped out. If someone in the weather department says, 'you might die', believe them. You. Live. On. An. Island. What did you think would happen?

If people want to play dice with their lives, that's fine. Just don't ask anyone for help and a bailout when it doesn't work out and especially: don't ask people to risk their lives to help you. Take responsibility for your choices and don't ask the rest of us to pay for your bad choices.

I really, really hate it when people blame their poor decision-making on luck -- or they attribute success to luck. Although I am lucky in one respect, as are many of us: we are women in countries that allow us to live without daily fear (of rape, of mutilation, of paternalistic repression, etc.) I'm lucky to have been born in a country like America, where I have a chance to achieve, to be free, to make my own choices -- and to live with the consequences of those choices.

Which brings me back to ... responsibility.

I'm still fuming from reading the transcripts of those #*(@ Wall Street biggies who paid themselves big $$ while the companies folded. RESPONSIBILITY. Get some.

There. I feel better now. Kinda.

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