Thursday, September 11, 2008

Glad to be British

No, that's not something you see very often from me, but right this minute - yeah.
When it's our turn to get into another political battle - shoot me now. I take an average interest in politics, but there is such a thing as overkill.

And yes, I too have killed people in print. Speaking of which - it's likely you're going to see more of me in the shops, especially my historical romances. I don't know quite how it works yet, but my books are getting out there.

Plotting, hmmm. When it seems that the world is in terminal chaos, it's good to fall back on reliability. Maybe that's what it takes, a bit of plotting and planning to get to the real meat underneath. Because a good plot does just that - it strips away extraneous influences like coincidence and chaos to reveal the characters' inner lives, their emotions, makes it impossible for them to run away.

In what we laughingly call "real life," it's all too easy to hide yourself in trivia, in day-to-day actions and keep busy doing nothing, but in our books, we can slice that off, and make our characters face their fears and their basic motivations. Heroes face the ugliness and the goodness, and they are totally honest with themselves. Villains continue to evade it. And suffer for it, in the end.

As, sadly, they rarely do in "real life."

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