Monday, August 25, 2008

Roasted tourists and other fine snacks

This week we're talking about favorite summer foods. My friend JL Wilson is fond of summer festival food. Down here in the deep South, we do festivals in the spring and fall, because a summer festival would lead to -- roasted tourists! It is hotter than anything for days on end here, and it doesn't cool off much at night.

Most of my fav summer foods have to do with garden fresh fruits and vegetables. I love to eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine. And sweet watermelon, well my mouth is watering right now. Fresh salads and vegetable medleys either steamed or roasted, now that's my idea of good eating. One family favorite of ours is zuccini bread. If you've ever grown zuccini you know that you get a ton of them. Zuccini bread tastes yummy and I wish I had a thick slice of it right now.

Another Southern staple is tea, these days its known as Sweet Tea. There's enough sugar in it to fuel New Hampshire, but few can resist this fine treat. Now my brain seems to have gone to the dark side, the sweet zone. Miss Alice at my church makes a mean Co-Cola cake. Ummmm. I love it. And this is no time to be dreaming about sweets when I'm trying to think thin again.

I better get these fingers moving on the keyboard to get some exercise in, LOL!

Happy summer!


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