Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me? Procrastinate?

How did you know?
No new pages written in months.

In the midst of doing that and decluttering my abode. I believe that it will make me calmer to live in a sorta-spotless environment, and with everything in it's place, I'll finally be able to find something when I need it. Plus a clean house will inspire me to finish my book because I won't have any excuses.

A video game?
Well, I have been doing layouts on my Majhong Epic program. I should be working on my board game, that is so totally different that there is nothing like it out there. As I have four plane trips in the next few weeks, I'll work on it then. Am I procrastinating until then or planning? I'll take planning.

A shopping 'to do' list?
Guilty as charged. But in my defense, I love making lists. Shopping in a town thirty miles away makes me do a list so I don't forget anything. And I hate to shop, so a list is necessary as I tend to forget something, and with gas so high, it only makes sense to do the job correctly the first time. I do have lists, major lists on cleaning the abode, which I haven't been doing. Another list on what I should be doing daily, with reminders, that I haven't been following.

Procrastinate is my middle name.

I hope to change that soon. Next Friday is my 'date' to be in a 'clean' house. I'll let you know.

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Procrastination Alley said...

I love all things born in the name of procrastination...