Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My ephiphany

Not much time to post today, WAY too busy at work.

Anyway: almost 26 years ago on this day, to the day, my divorce was finalized. As these things go, it was relatively amiable, but there was a lot of crap that preceded it. A lot of very hateful crap and a lot of introspection. I was left alone in a new town with few friends and fewer resources. Let me hasten to say I chose to remain behind rather than return to my home with my ex.

It was a great learning experience. I lived in a converted garage and put masking tape over the bottom of the door to keep the bugs out.

But I digress ....

Like Scarlett before me, I made a vow -- no, not that I'd never go hungry again (oh, how I wish -- maybe I'd lose weight), but that I would never let another person dictate how I would live my life to me.

So far, so good.

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