Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disaster mode strikes again!

Disaster mode strikes again, only this time the idea is to decide what I would take if I had 20 minutes to gather up stuff and I could only take what I could physically carry. The clock starts right NOW!

I'd run for the closet and grab my satchel and my bookbag. In the satchel I'd stuff as many photo albums as it would hold, making sure that I had the two that contained the children's baby pictures. I'd pad the bottom of the bookbag with the contents from my lingerie drawer (hey, its hard to find stuff that fits right!), my swimsuit, a fleece, socks, and a spare pare of shoes. Then I'd run to my office and toss my external hard drive and flash drive in the bookbag. I'd dash to the kitchen for vitamins and meds, to the bathroom for my toothbrush and toiletries.

I still have a few minutes, so I layer on extra clothes. Before I have a heat stroke, I grab the oil painting my mother-in-law made of my children at the beach. I sling the bookbag over one shoulder, the satchel over the other, carrying the painting in one hand, my pocketbook in the other. I stumble out the door, one minute to spare.

Whew! Disasters are exhausting.

Maggie Toussaint
IN FOR A PENNY -- out today!!!

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