Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm eclectic. People don't always follow the way my mind works, and I'm a severely lateral thinker. I was Myers-Brigged and analysed when I was at business school and the creativity professor loved me and the accountancy professor didn't. The person who analysed my thought patterns looked at my results and said "wow."
So I get stuff from all over the place and sometimes it bonds together in the strangest ways. Like EM Forster said, "Only connect."
I've been called incredibly bright and incredibly dumb, sometimes by the same person. And they're right. I'm both. I forget things, even really important things, things that I would enjoy, and I genuinely forget them, like eating or catching that train I'd booked a week ago, or watching the last episode of my favourite TV series.
I can concentrate to the exclusion of everything, and yet sometimes I can't keep my mind on the same subject for the length of a whole sentence.
And when I went to my first writer's conference, I met a roomful of people just like me.
Now that's motivation! Finally finding out where I belonged in the world.

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