Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holiday, holiday, who's got a holiday?

Today's Mother's Day in the States, what I call a Hallmark Holiday (a chance for my sister's stock portfolio to grow, as it were. She was a long-time Hallmark employee who retired on profits from greeting cards and tsatskes. Yes, that's a word. I love it, too).

Does your part of the world have a special holiday that's only celebrated there? I'll give you an example: yesterday was the Fishing Opener in Minnesota. This is a HUGE event. Even though the ice hasn't gone out on the lakes up north, brave souls were out there, casting their lines. The FO is the unofficial start of summer regardless of weather. There's another event in November that I'll talk about on Wednesday which you have to see to believe.

How about your neck of the woods? Any interesting holidays that are celebrated regionally and no where else?

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