Saturday, May 31, 2008


I don't know much about booksignings, except for what I've seen that works.

Metsy Hingle likes to stand up during the signing, except for sitting down to autograph the book.

Other authors like to give handouts, usually a bookmark. I like JL's advice in giving a recipe. Every time that recipe is used, her name is before the person. Chocolate is also a great handout. I haven't seen anyone that I know of give out a 'teaser' - such as the first chapter, so if they like it, they might be back for more. (I think that if the giveout costs more than what you might make on one copy of the sold book, you're going backwards.)

Some authors like to go to the distributors warehouse and sign every book in stock. Ouch! My hand is hurting already. But, people like to buy autographed books. Especially if you are an author from that state, or city.

I found a great article, there are four altogether, just click here. Forty Plus Ways to Make Your Booksigning an Event by Larry James.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

Rosemary Clement Moore dressed up in her high school prom dress for the release of her YA Prom Dates From Hell. Finding something memorable to tie into the story, even if it seems a bit out there really makes a lasting impression.

This is my first visit here. Love it. Take care!