Monday, April 7, 2008

Heat up the popcorn, movie's on!

Going to movies was a huge deal to kids like me who grew up in the sticks. We never randomly said, "Let's go to a movie tonight." Going to the movies took concerted planning, saving of money, and coordination. The nearest movie theater was an hour's drive away, so we (me and my numerous cousins) all piled in the back of the station wagon (way back before seatbelt rules) and tootled over to the matinee. We saw every Disney movie out at the time, and I still love the feeling of being swept into a larger than life story.

One of my friend's Moms had a thing for James Bond movies. She'd take us up to Savannah (an hour and a half trip on stop and go roads) and we'd get to see action adventure movies like Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever. I think I fell in love with Sean Connery's voice back then; I didn't know he had great eyes and everything else until hormones struck.

Another popular movie of my youth was The Sound of Music. I knew a very religious lady who was gaga over this movie. She'd gone to see it half a dozen times. She also went to something crazy called house church where they played tamborines and talked in tongues, so I was certain I would hate the movie. I didn't actually watch the movie until years later and I was absolutely enthralled. I've probably watched it half a dozen or more times myself and have committed most of the songs to permanent memory.

I was too broke to go to movies in college, but I went to see Star Wars with my husband (then boyfriend) once I was graduated and gainfully employed. I love that movie and have seen all in the series, including the spin-off The Battle for Endor featuring the furry little Ewoks.

In all, my fav movies are telling of the kinds of books I like to read and write. Granted I've never written an epic which concerns the fate of the free world, but I'm into action adventure, family drama, and dark villains.

Heat up some popcorn and watch a good movie!

Maggie Toussaint
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