Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, call me TSTL...

TSTL is the short version of 'Too Stupid To Live''s when the heroine goes into a creepy cellar without a weapon.

Well, I have my version of TSTL.

I got in a car with a strange man.

At the time I was job hunting, a freshly graduated senior. Age - seventeen.

That might account for the stupidity.

After countless interviews, I was walking home, a car pulled up, the man inside asked me if I was looking for work.

"Yes," I said hopefully.

"Get in."

And I did.

Thankfully it was a Volkswagon, but I was seated very close to him. He turns down a street and managed to go into one of California's concrete waterways. (These are used to control the rain whenever it's needed.) That's when I got worried.

He stopped. I wondered if I could open the door and sprint away, which would have been a miracle as I was wearing heels.

He asked a few questions, then asked me if he could feel my back for a modeling job. I turned and his hands roamed over my back, which scared the dickens out of me. Sprinting shoeless seemed like a possibility.

Then I told him that I needed to leave as my mother was expecting me home.

He started up the car, and we left. I was still nervous and told him to stop as soon as he reached some homes.

He let me out and I was so relieved when he drove off.

I changed my job hunting skills to the next largest town.

I was lucky.

So many young women aren't.

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