Monday, January 28, 2008

Maggie writes and writes

What's my daily routine you ask? How cool is it to sit around all day sucking on bon-bons and inking out a few lines on a page?

((hysterical laughter))

If you believe that's a writer's life, think again. This is the busiest and most productive phase of my life, bar none.

I work my fiction writing around two part-time jobs, one at the newspaper and one at the yoga studio. I have a blended work week where Saturday through Moday are basically for fiction writing (and church, LOL), Tuesday and Wednesday are blended days (split between worlds), and Thursday/Friday are all newspaper days.

It would be great to only write fiction, but that's not real life, at least not for me. So lets get back to a writing day, take today for instance. I've been at the computer for over an hour, just finished all the necessary correspondence. Today is also promo day at many yahoo loops, so I need to make some posts there to promo my latest digital release. After that, I'd ordinarily write 1000 or more words on my work in progress, do a week's worth of laundry for two people, and clean the bathrooms. (BTW, cleaning bathrooms is a great plotting device. You'd be surprised how quickly your brain works on a problem when you are doing a distasteful task.)

Promotion fills up the remaining hours of Monday. Trying to launch three books in one year is a big undertaking, especially since the books are in different genres for different markets and one book is geared toward both electronic and print markets.

Being a writer is a real labor of love. Don't get into this career if you think you want to take it easy. You have to be a self-starter and consistently be able to adjust your course.

Happy writing!
Maggie Toussaint
SEEING RED - electronic release on Feb. 19 from Freya's Bower

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