Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Regrets? Kinda ....

I talked about this on my blog yesterday. I have but one regret...

I've been considering this. I think I view a 'regret' as 'something I wished I hadn't done'. That's probably not the dictionary definition, but it's how I think of it. Given that, there's little I regret that I can remember (I probably was worried at the time, but can't recall it now).

I guess I'm viewing this past year as a learning experience. When I look back ... whoa. {shake head} I've started blogging, I've got a MySpace page, my web site is whipped into shape, I've sold books, I've given talks ...


Yes, one.

I wasted time on some things I should never have wasted time on. I worried about things that I had no control over. And I attempted to add value where none was really wanted (agonized over edits, or tried to convince my writer's group we needed new This or That, or ... )

It wasn't so much the wasted time as it was the wasted energy. I need to prioritize better, so for next year, here's my resolution:

Make a good try at {editing, or helping, or promoting or ... insert it here}. If you find yourself thinking about it or worrying about it for more than 4 hours, it ain't worth it. Move on.

(This doesn't apply to serious illness, family worries, etc. Just to Writing-Related Things).

I'm going to see if this is one resolution I can stick with.

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