Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dinner with?

so many choices, so little time!
I have two lists, a Dinner List and a Bed List. The Dinner List is people I would love to have dinner with, alive, dead or fictional and the Bed List is the people I'd like to go to bed with. Since I'm hetero, there are no women on the Bed List, but plenty on the Dinner List, but apart from that, very few people appear on both lists!
George Clooney, yes, a man who I'd like to talk with and take to bed. Artur Rubenstein the pianist, too old for bed (he's dead now) but a wonderful raconteur.
Fiction - ooo. Most of the heroes I've written are on both lists, but that's because I've really got into their heads and I understand them. So I won't cite those. Maybe Cristos, a character who continues to fascinate me, every time I write him he takes over the scene and works it for himself.
Other people? Dain, from "Lord of Scoundrels" would make a lovely dinner companion, as he's intelligent and knows what to order, though I suspect small talk would be a bit hard for him. Christian Hawkins, aka Superman from Tara Janzen's "Crazy" series. But for dinner you want somebody who can put you at your ease and chat companionably. Someone knowledgeable but without what we Brits call "side," cheekiness or arrogance.
John Watson, I think. Not his good friend Sherlock, far too clever and unpredictable, but Watson would make an excellent dinner companion.

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