Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dinner with Rhett Butler

If I could choose a fictional character to have dinner with, I'd choose a hottie like Rhett Butler. I don't know why he was so set on Scarlett O'Hara when she was all wrong for him. I can be sassy and strong and sexy. What was he thinking?

He should have been thinking about me. Of course he was born in the wrong century to meet me, but that's beside the point. He was a can-do kind of guy, a man that had romance sizzling in his blood, a man that went after what he wanted.

It should have been me.

Let's see, would we do dinner in his time or mine? I've always wondered about those hoop skirts, but given my propensity for bladder emptying, we should probably meet up in my world. I could have a monster cleavage if I got an industrial strength Wonder bra. Just let me slide into one of those low cut tops, a clingy skirt, and killer heels and I'll be ready.

We'd dine on grilled seafood and pecan pie, and dance, Lord we'd dance the night away. Mmm, can I get the rest of this fantasy to go???

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Maggie Toussaint
romance + suspense + mystery

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, yeah. Rhett. Now he would be an awesome dinner date. **sigh**